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8 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Change py_modules to packages in, following Chris Warburton's suggestion default tip
10 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Apply Sean E. Russell's updates to add @command
10 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Back out frostbane's changes, going back to af9913ddbb3d
11 months ago Sean E. Russell Ooops. Everything but ilist was broken.
11 months ago Sean E. Russell Updates for Mercurial 3.8(?) API compatibility, which broadly broke extensions by forcing @commands decoration.
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21 months ago frostbane add options to README feature/find
21 months ago frostbane add option to search the payload feature/find
21 months ago frostbane add ifind command feature/find
24 months ago frostbane merge feature/refactor fb_develop
24 months ago frostbane close feature/refactor
24 months ago frostbane refactor into separate classes feature/refactor
24 months ago frostbane create frostbane development branch fb_develop
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16 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Fix git support link in the README
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16 months ago Dmitriy Merge pull request #1 from jkozak/master
16 months ago John Kozak Support for git.
16 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Mention GitHub location in the README
16 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Remove copy-paste crud from the license
16 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Add LICENSE
2012-02-08 Dmitriy Morozov new_bug_path is expressed as an absolute path; solves a bug with adding issue from subdirectories
2011-04-28 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed #a5d (use basename() on attachment filenames)
2011-04-28 Dmitriy Morozov Merged in tzeman's issue #a5d
2010-06-10 Tomas Zeman Added #a5d5a0: Attachments should be stored without path
2011-04-23 Dmitriy Morozov Re: is added to the comments' subjects
2011-04-18 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed #af5 (summary formats provided in the config file)
2011-04-18 Dmitriy Morozov Added #af5 (format string in the config file)
2011-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Typo in the docs + forgot to add the last #edb message
2011-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Colors can be customized in the config (fixes #edb)
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov Moved everything into artemis/ subdirectory to be able to import
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov Added #c25 (state annotations)
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov Added and started working on #edb (colorize output)
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov ilist: added --order to sort by date (fixes #82a)
2011-04-05 Dmitriy Morozov Added e7c (iadd --import)
2011-04-03 Adrian Buehlmann rename aux directory to contrib
2010-11-15 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed cf0 (exception on empty Maildir in ilist)
2010-11-15 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed f09 (option to commit after iadd)
2010-11-15 Jason Fixed an issue that would raise an exception when using hg 1.7
2010-03-08 Andrey Vlasovskikh Added #cf0d1e: KeyError while accessing an empty Maildir
2010-02-25 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed #fcd (timezone)
2010-01-16 Dmitriy Morozov Merged + added documentation for "iadd --message" and "ishow --mutt" + marked c76 as fixed
2009-12-02 Andrey Vlasovskikh iadd: Added --message
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh m
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh Accepted issue #c76
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh A proposal for adding more filter expressions (cec)
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh Added ilist --mutt issue (c76)
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov iadd should commit on finish
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov issues are created in local date without timezone
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh merge
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov ishow: add --mutt option to display issue with mutt
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov simple .hgignore
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov remove trailing whitespaces
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh 82aa4838dbeb6254 ( 0) [new]: Results of ilist appear to be unsorted
2009-11-27 Andrey Vlasovskikh Added .hgignore
2010-01-13 Dmitriy Morozov Added configuration option to provide an alternative path for the issues directory
2009-04-11 Dmitriy Morozov Added clone and tarball links to README
2009-04-11 Dmitriy Morozov Added README + fixed a bug with non-existent filters
2009-04-08 Dmitriy Morozov Added ability to skip lines starting with a string when showing a message
2009-04-08 Dmitriy Morozov Added ability to list all possible values for a property + list issues with an unset property
2009-04-07 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed small iadd bug + added documentation issue (#d913)
2009-04-07 Dmitriy Morozov Touched up ishow ("From" in the message thread + clarifed extract option)
2009-04-07 Dmitriy Morozov Combined iadd and iupdate (#b8ff) + added special "resolved" state
2008-05-26 Dmitriy Morozov Typo in iupdate resulted in a wrong variable name
2008-04-28 Dmitriy Morozov Added ability to attach files
2008-04-22 Dmitriy Morozov Added two issues (#b8f and #edb)
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed various maildir-related bugs: missing subdirs, wrong keys, etc
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Created aux dir with tools to convert from old representations
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Converted issues from mbox to maildir mailboxes
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Switched to maildir
2008-01-11 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed error on changing non-existent property in iupdate
2008-01-10 Dmitriy Morozov Added vim instruction to expand tabs + number of comments aligned to preset width in ilist
2008-01-08 Mirko Friedenhagen Fix for nonworking property option in ilist.
2008-01-08 Mirko Friedenhagen Spaces instead of tabs
2008-01-08 Mirko Friedenhagen Spaces instead of tabs
2008-01-08 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed using Mirko Friedenhagen's observations the date bug (c56) + fixed timezones of all bugs
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Updated filters issue (8e4) to work with In-Reply-To threading
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed In-Reply-To bug (b7c)
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Merged in upstream changes from master
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Added date parsing bug (c56), and a pseudo-fix
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Added threading by In-Reply-To issue (b7c)
2007-12-30 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed Message-Ids of our bugs (wrapped them in <...>)
2007-12-30 Dmitriy Morozov Message-Ids in <...> + randomized comment ids
2007-12-30 Dmitriy Morozov Implemented basic filters functionality in ilist (fixing 8e4)
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov Function rename + pretty list
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov ilist doesn't show fixed issues by default (instead of showing only new ones)
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov Basic functionality in place; added feature request for integration with commit (ef1)
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov Added filters (8e4) and attachments (955) issues
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov list works well, basic show, add, and update functionality
2007-12-27 Dmitriy Morozov Commit artemis before cleaning repository
2007-12-27 Dmitriy Morozov Initial commit
8 months ago 8d13c1019a02 default
15 months ago 10ea34bcd570 fb_develop
15 months ago fba51d84afda feature/find
24 months ago 56034fb9ec0d feature/refactor