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2 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Back out frostbane's changes, going back to af9913ddbb3d
3 months ago Sean E. Russell Ooops. Everything but ilist was broken.
3 months ago Sean E. Russell Updates for Mercurial 3.8(?) API compatibility, which broadly broke extensions by forcing @commands decoration.
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13 months ago frostbane add option to search the payload feature/find
13 months ago frostbane add ifind command feature/find
15 months ago frostbane merge feature/refactor fb_develop
15 months ago frostbane close feature/refactor
15 months ago frostbane refactor into separate classes feature/refactor
16 months ago frostbane create frostbane development branch fb_develop
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8 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Fix git support link in the README
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8 months ago John Kozak Support for git.
8 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Mention GitHub location in the README
8 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Remove copy-paste crud from the license
8 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Add LICENSE
2012-02-08 Dmitriy Morozov new_bug_path is expressed as an absolute path; solves a bug with adding issue from subdirectories
2011-04-28 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed #a5d (use basename() on attachment filenames)
2011-04-28 Dmitriy Morozov Merged in tzeman's issue #a5d
2010-06-10 Tomas Zeman Added #a5d5a0: Attachments should be stored without path
2011-04-23 Dmitriy Morozov Re: is added to the comments' subjects
2011-04-18 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed #af5 (summary formats provided in the config file)
2011-04-18 Dmitriy Morozov Added #af5 (format string in the config file)
2011-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Typo in the docs + forgot to add the last #edb message
2011-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Colors can be customized in the config (fixes #edb)
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov Moved everything into artemis/ subdirectory to be able to import
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov Added #c25 (state annotations)
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov Added and started working on #edb (colorize output)
2011-04-15 Dmitriy Morozov ilist: added --order to sort by date (fixes #82a)
2011-04-05 Dmitriy Morozov Added e7c (iadd --import)
2011-04-03 Adrian Buehlmann rename aux directory to contrib
2010-11-15 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed cf0 (exception on empty Maildir in ilist)
2010-11-15 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed f09 (option to commit after iadd)
2010-11-15 Jason Fixed an issue that would raise an exception when using hg 1.7
2010-03-08 Andrey Vlasovskikh Added #cf0d1e: KeyError while accessing an empty Maildir
2010-02-25 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed #fcd (timezone)
2010-01-16 Dmitriy Morozov Merged + added documentation for "iadd --message" and "ishow --mutt" + marked c76 as fixed
2009-12-02 Andrey Vlasovskikh iadd: Added --message
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh m
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh Accepted issue #c76
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh A proposal for adding more filter expressions (cec)
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh Added ilist --mutt issue (c76)
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov iadd should commit on finish
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov issues are created in local date without timezone
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh merge
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov ishow: add --mutt option to display issue with mutt
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov simple .hgignore
2009-11-28 Alexander Solovyov remove trailing whitespaces
2009-11-28 Andrey Vlasovskikh 82aa4838dbeb6254 ( 0) [new]: Results of ilist appear to be unsorted
2009-11-27 Andrey Vlasovskikh Added .hgignore
2010-01-13 Dmitriy Morozov Added configuration option to provide an alternative path for the issues directory
2009-04-11 Dmitriy Morozov Added clone and tarball links to README
2009-04-11 Dmitriy Morozov Added README + fixed a bug with non-existent filters
2009-04-08 Dmitriy Morozov Added ability to skip lines starting with a string when showing a message
2009-04-08 Dmitriy Morozov Added ability to list all possible values for a property + list issues with an unset property
2009-04-07 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed small iadd bug + added documentation issue (#d913)
2009-04-07 Dmitriy Morozov Touched up ishow ("From" in the message thread + clarifed extract option)
2009-04-07 Dmitriy Morozov Combined iadd and iupdate (#b8ff) + added special "resolved" state
2008-05-26 Dmitriy Morozov Typo in iupdate resulted in a wrong variable name
2008-04-28 Dmitriy Morozov Added ability to attach files
2008-04-22 Dmitriy Morozov Added two issues (#b8f and #edb)
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed various maildir-related bugs: missing subdirs, wrong keys, etc
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Created aux dir with tools to convert from old representations
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Converted issues from mbox to maildir mailboxes
2008-04-16 Dmitriy Morozov Switched to maildir
2008-01-11 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed error on changing non-existent property in iupdate
2008-01-10 Dmitriy Morozov Added vim instruction to expand tabs + number of comments aligned to preset width in ilist
2008-01-08 Mirko Friedenhagen Fix for nonworking property option in ilist.
2008-01-08 Mirko Friedenhagen Spaces instead of tabs
2008-01-08 Mirko Friedenhagen Spaces instead of tabs
2008-01-08 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed using Mirko Friedenhagen's observations the date bug (c56) + fixed timezones of all bugs
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Updated filters issue (8e4) to work with In-Reply-To threading
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed In-Reply-To bug (b7c)
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Merged in upstream changes from master
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Added date parsing bug (c56), and a pseudo-fix
2008-01-06 Dmitriy Morozov Added threading by In-Reply-To issue (b7c)
2007-12-30 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed Message-Ids of our bugs (wrapped them in <...>)
2007-12-30 Dmitriy Morozov Message-Ids in <...> + randomized comment ids
2007-12-30 Dmitriy Morozov Implemented basic filters functionality in ilist (fixing 8e4)
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov Function rename + pretty list
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov ilist doesn't show fixed issues by default (instead of showing only new ones)
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov Basic functionality in place; added feature request for integration with commit (ef1)
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov Added filters (8e4) and attachments (955) issues
2007-12-29 Dmitriy Morozov list works well, basic show, add, and update functionality
2007-12-27 Dmitriy Morozov Commit artemis before cleaning repository
2007-12-27 Dmitriy Morozov Initial commit
2 weeks ago 8d13c1019a02 default
7 months ago 10ea34bcd570 fb_develop
7 months ago fba51d84afda feature/find
15 months ago 56034fb9ec0d feature/refactor