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Tue, 02 Nov 2010 13:38:15 +0100
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0.9.12 release

This is a test suite for opster library. Just read it to get some idea of how it

Define some help functions::

  $ function run() { name=$1; shift; python "$TESTDIR/$name" "$@"; }

Check if usage is working::

  $ run multicommands.py
  usage: /Users/piranha/dev/misc/opster/tests/multicommands.py <command> [options]
   simple  Just simple command to print keys of received arguments.

Ok, then let's run it::

  $ run multicommands.py simple
  ['test', 'ui']

Yeah, nice one, but we know that command ``complex`` is just hidden there. Let's
check it out::

  $ run multicommands.py help complex
  /Users/piranha/dev/misc/opster/tests/multicommands.py complex [-p] [--exit value] ...
  That's more complex command indented to do something
      И самое главное - мы тут немножечко текста не в ascii напишем
      и посмотрим, что будет. :)
   -p --pass     don't run the command
      --exit     exit with supplied code (default: 0)
   -n --name     optional name
   -v --verbose  enable additional output
   -q --quiet    suppress output
   -h --help     display help

Now we're going to test if a script with a single command will work (not
everyone needs subcommands, you know)::

  $ run test_opts.py
  another: invalid arguments
  /Users/piranha/dev/misc/opster/tests/test_opts.py [-l HOST] DIR
  Command with option declaration as keyword arguments
   -l --listen     ip to listen on (default: localhost)
   -p --port       port to listen on (default: 8000)
   -d --daemonize  daemonize process
      --pid-file   name of file to write process ID to
   -t --test       testing help for a function (default: test)
   -h --help       show help

Yeah, I've got it, I should supply some argument::

  $ run test_opts.py right-here
  {'daemonize': False,
   'dirname': 'right-here',
   'listen': 'localhost',
   'pid_file': '',
   'port': 8000,
   'test': 'test'}

That's all for today; see you next time!