2014-04-27 Dmitriy Morozov Added a practical guide slides and examples to the docs dev
20 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Remove 'hg up tip' from doc/get-build-install.rst
20 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Merge dev into default, to avoid the need for 'hg up tip' after clone
22 months ago Dmitriy Morozov Add LICENSE + LEGAL dev
2016-08-22 Dmitriy Morozov Add register_ptr_to_python to PersistenceDiagram bindings to match changes in Boost.Python dev
2015-10-05 Dmitriy Morozov Fix compilation with Boost 1.58 (load_construct_data_adl error) dev
2015-03-02 Arnur Nigmetov Added executable to compute Wasserstein distance. dev
2013-12-06 Dmitriy Morozov Disabled glibcxx specific concept checks dev
2013-12-06 Dmitriy Morozov Dave Millman's fix for and rlog problem dev
2013-10-16 Dmitriy Morozov Increase template depth to fix a bug with XCode 5 dev
2013-08-09 Dmitriy Morozov Brit Fasy's fix to compile with logging=on dev
2013-07-10 Dmitriy Morozov lscubes.py output infinite pairs + small bugfix dev
2013-06-10 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed non-POD array problem in homology-zigzags dev
2013-06-10 Dmitriy Morozov Added homology zigzags by Steve Oudot and Don Sheehy dev
2013-04-26 Dmitriy Morozov Added standalone bottleneck-distance.cpp dev
2013-02-28 Dmitriy Morozov Dave Millman's fixes to compile with LLVM-based compilers dev
2012-10-26 Dmitriy Morozov Added CGAL_USE_FILE + added option use_cgal dev
2012-06-10 Dmitriy Morozov Bug in show_diagram() with empty diagrams dev
2012-06-10 Dmitriy Morozov subcomplex in show_complex() + pan/zoom in ComplexViewer2D dev
2012-06-09 Dmitriy Morozov DiagramViewer can show multiple diagrams at once dev
2012-06-09 Dmitriy Morozov CohomologyPersistence returns dying cocycles + StaticCohomologyPersistence records them and normalizes coefficients + minor changes dev
2012-06-08 Dmitriy Morozov Display lists in ComplexViewer3D + circular.smooth() raises exceptions dev
2012-06-07 Dmitriy Morozov Set center and radius in ComplexViewer3D dev
2012-06-07 Dmitriy Morozov Points at infinity in DiagramViewer dev
2012-06-07 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed scale points in the diagram + noise filtering dev
2012-06-07 Dmitriy Morozov Added pan + zoom to diagram viewer; show_diagram() didn't return; added PyQt, PyOpenGL, NumPy as dependencies in the docs dev
2012-06-07 Dmitriy Morozov Straightened out QApplication problems (made it global) dev
2012-06-07 Dmitriy Morozov Started show_complex_3D() dev
2012-06-06 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed bugs in diagram.py and adaptor.py + added coloring of points in show_complex_2D(); Filtration can be initialized from iterator without comparison dev
2012-06-05 Dmitriy Morozov Added viewer.show_complex_2D + center points in the persistence diagram dev
2012-06-05 Dmitriy Morozov Moved dionysus.circular into its own subdirectory + added dionysus.viewer dev
2012-06-05 Dmitriy Morozov Added docs for StaticCohomologyPersistence + ImagePersistence + circular.smooth + minor fixes in adaptor.py dev
2012-06-04 Dmitriy Morozov Added smooth() to Python binding + fixed a bug in adaptor.py dev
2012-06-03 Dmitriy Morozov Merged upstream dev
2012-06-03 Dmitriy Morozov Added adaptor for StaticCohomologyPersistence and ImagePersistence dev
2012-05-14 Dmitriy Morozov Added a note about reducing matrix Z in i/t/zigzag-persistence.hpp dev
2012-05-11 Dmitriy Morozov Merge dev
2012-05-11 Dmitriy Morozov Added store_negative argument to StaticPersistence.pair_simpices() dev
2012-05-10 Dmitriy Morozov Added a note about wasserstein_distance() to documentation + cleaned up docs for init_diagrams() dev
2012-05-10 Dmitriy Morozov Inlcuded munkres.cpp from munkres.h + matrix.cpp -> matrix.hpp dev
2012-05-10 Dmitriy Morozov Added wasserstein_distance() dev
2012-05-10 Dmitriy Morozov Exposed init_diagrams() to Python dev
2012-05-08 Dmitriy Morozov Minor changes to compile with GCC 4.7 dev
2011-07-25 Dmitriy Morozov Added cohomology/candidates counter to i/t/cohomology-persistence.hpp dev
2011-05-06 Dmitriy Morozov Minor fixes in tools/draw-diagram dev
2011-04-05 Dmitriy Morozov alphashapes2d can handle degenerate inputs (thanks to Taras Galkovskyi for the bug report and the fix) dev
2011-01-28 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed combinations in closure() for older versions of Python dev
2011-01-07 Dmitriy Morozov closure() in Python can handle simplex data dev
2010-12-20 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed a typo in b/p/persistence-diagram.cpp dev
2010-12-08 Dmitriy Morozov Added a note about GPL to the documentation dev
2010-12-03 Dmitriy Morozov Cleaned up CMake files to play nice with CGAL dev
2010-10-09 Dmitriy Morozov Cleaned up PersistenceDiagram bindings dev
2010-10-04 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed a link to SYNAPS dev
2010-09-14 Dmitriy Morozov Merged in Python bindings for DynamicPersistenceChains dev
2010-09-14 Dmitriy Morozov Added documentation for DynamicPersistenceChains dev
2010-09-12 Dmitriy Morozov Added Python bindings for DynamicPersistenceChains dev
2010-09-14 Dmitriy Morozov Added the ability to pickle Simplex class in Python dev
2010-09-14 Dmitriy Morozov Added ability to iterate over ZigzagPersistence cycles in Python dev
2010-09-10 Dmitriy Morozov Fixed a typo in the documentation of SPNode.cycle dev
2010-09-07 Dmitriy Morozov Added Python closure function (for computing a k-skeleton of a closure of a list of simplices) dev