descriptionPython bindings for ANN; documentation
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2010-01-11 Dmitriy Morozov Added LGPL sentence and header to clarify the terms, on Rosen Diankov's request default tip
2009-09-03 Dmitriy Morozov Clarified correct return tuple for kFRSearch()
2009-09-01 Dmitriy Morozov Expanded README (better documentation for the methods of KDTree class)
2009-06-20 Dmitriy Morozov Added KDTree.__del__() that destroy the points to prevent memory leaks
2009-06-20 Dmitriy Morozov Started README
2009-06-18 Dmitriy Morozov Switched around incorrect order of sqRad and k in the call to fixed radius search
2009-06-18 Dmitriy Morozov Removed unnecessary priority parameter from fixed radius search
2009-06-13 Dmitriy Morozov Added wscript for building and installing with waf
2009-06-12 Dmitriy Morozov Added fixed radius search, and renamed methods to match C++ names
2009-06-11 Dmitriy Morozov Added k_priority_search and max_pts_visit
2009-06-11 Dmitriy Morozov Initial commit
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