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Mon, 31 Aug 2009 10:51:56 -0700
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Removed Qt4 requirement + added link to download and tutorial to the front page of the documentation

find_package                (Qt4)

if                          (QT4_FOUND)
    set                     (QT_USE_QTOPENGL TRUE)
    set                     (QT_USE_QTXML TRUE)
    include                 (${QT_USE_FILE})

    add_subdirectory        (diagram-viewer)
#find_library                (gle_LIBRARY                NAMES gle)
#find_library                (QGLViewer_LIBRARY          NAMES QGLViewer)
#find_path                   (QGLViewer_INCLUDE_DIR      QGLViewer/qglviewer.h)
#include_directories         (${QGLViewer_INCLUDE_DIR})
endif                       (QT4_FOUND)

add_executable              (extract-diagram                extract-diagram.cpp)
target_link_libraries       (extract-diagram                ${libraries} ${Boost_SERIALIZATION_LIBRARY})

add_subdirectory            (matching)