author Aravindakshan Babu <>
Thu, 08 Jul 2010 23:50:39 -0700
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Added extra functionality to Point class( an iterator ) and PersistenceDiagram( dimension property and __len__ func ). persistence-diagram.h: Added a new read-only dimension member and member function to access it. With a new constructor that that takes in an int type to initialize dimension. persistence-diagram.cpp: Added new bp::init constructor. Takes in an integer type to initialize the dimension. Exposed the dimension property. Exposed the size property via a __len__ method. Added an iterator for Point objects. This iterates over the coords and then the data( if present ).

#include <utilities/log.h>

#ifdef LOGGING
static rlog::RLogChannel* rlFiltration =                    DEF_CHANNEL("topology/filtration/info", rlog::Log_Debug);
static rlog::RLogChannel* rlFiltrationDebug =               DEF_CHANNEL("topology/filtration/debug", rlog::Log_Debug);
#endif // LOGGING