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Broke include/ into separate topology/ and utilities/ subdirectories

  CGAL-3.2 -    for alpha-shapes and kinetic data structures
  DSR-PDB -     for reading in PDB files
  cmake -       for controlling the build process
  boost -       great set of C++ libraries
  Doxygen -     for building documentation
  libcwd -      for debugging only (is not needed by default)
  synaps -      for solving polynomial (for kinetic kernel), which in turn requires GMP

  The path to CGAL's Makefile is expected to be set in $CGAL_MAKEFILE, the rest
  is just usual CMake configuration

  To build examples, create a directory build (to keep everything in one place),
  go to that directory and run cmake and make:
  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake ..   (or "ccmake .." if you want a curses interface)
  In the cmake line you can provide -Ddebug:bool=on to turn on debugging,
  -Dcounters:bool=on to turn on counters, -Doptimize:int=3 would set
  optimization to -O3. All of this can be set using a text user interface by
  running ccmake instead of cmake.

  Dmitriy Morozov <>