author Dmitriy Morozov <>
Sat, 27 Dec 2008 14:33:25 -0800
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Commit before merging in Python branch: * converted more examples: poincare, rips, some fitness * two generators for Rips complexes * ChainWrapper uses stl algorithms for everything, added CountingBackInserter and switched SizeStorage to use operators * retabbing files along the way * added #957a (namespace dionysus)

project                     (Dionysus)
cmake_minimum_required      (VERSION 2.4)

option                      (logging            "Build Dionysus with logging on"        OFF)
option                      (counters           "Build Dionysus with counters on"       OFF)
option                      (debug              "Build Dionysus with debugging on"      OFF)
option                      (optimize           "Build Dionysus with optimization"      ON)
option                      (use_dsrpdb         "Build examples that use DSR-PDB"       OFF)
option                      (use_synaps         "Build examples that use SYNAPS"        OFF)

# Find everything that's always required
find_package                (Boost REQUIRED COMPONENTS program_options serialization signals)
find_package                (Doxygen)
if                          (use_dsrpdb)
    find_library            (dsrpdb_LIBRARY             NAMES dsrpdb)
    find_path               (dsrpdb_INCLUDE_DIR         dsrpdb/Protein.h)
endif                       (use_dsrpdb)

execute_process             (COMMAND ${CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM} -f ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/FindCGAL.Makefile libpaths
                             OUTPUT_VARIABLE cgal_libpaths)
execute_process             (COMMAND ${CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM} -f ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/FindCGAL.Makefile ldflags
                             OUTPUT_VARIABLE cgal_ldflags)
execute_process             (COMMAND ${CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM} -f ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/FindCGAL.Makefile cxxflags
                             OUTPUT_VARIABLE cgal_cxxflags)
execute_process             (COMMAND ${CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM} -f ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/FindCGAL.Makefile libpath
                             OUTPUT_VARIABLE cgal_libpath)
#string                     (REPLACE "\n" "" cgal_libpaths  ${cgal_libpaths})
#string                     (REPLACE "\n" "" cgal_ldflags   ${cgal_ldflags})
string                      (REPLACE "\n" "" cgal_cxxflags  ${cgal_cxxflags})
string                      (REPLACE "\n" "" cgal_libpath   ${cgal_libpath})
find_library                (cgal_LIBRARY               NAMES CGAL
                                                        PATHS ${cgal_libpath})
find_library                (core_LIBRARY               NAMES CGALcore++
                                                        PATHS ${cgal_libpath})
find_library                (mpfr_LIBRARY               NAMES mpfr)
find_library                (gmp_LIBRARY                NAMES gmp)
find_library                (gmpxx_LIBRARY              NAMES gmpxx)
find_library                (m_LIBRARY                  NAMES m)

set                         (cgal_libraries             ${cgal_LIBRARY} 
add_definitions             (-DCGAL_NO_ASSERTIONS -DCGAL_NO_PRECONDITIONS)

if                          (use_synaps)
    add_definitions         (-DBOOST_UBLAS_TYPE_CHECK=0)
    find_library            (synaps_LIBRARY             NAMES synaps)
    set                     (synaps_libraries           ${synaps_LIBRARY}
endif                       (use_synaps)

# Debugging
if                          (debug)
    if                      (optimize)
            set             (cxx_flags                  ${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_RELWITHDEBINFO})
    else                    (optimize)
            set             (cxx_flags                  ${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_DEBUG})
    endif                   (optimize)
else                        (debug)
    if                      (optimize)
            set             (cxx_flags                  ${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_RELEASE})
    else                    (optimize)
            set             (cxx_flags                  ${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS})
    endif                   (optimize)
endif                       (debug)
add_definitions             (${cxx_flags})

# Logging
if                          (logging)
    find_library            (rlog_LIBRARY               NAMES rlog)
    find_path               (rlog_INCLUDE_DIR           rlog/rlog.h)
    set                     (rlog_INCLUDE_DIR           ${rlog_INCLUDE_DIR})
    add_definitions         (-DLOGGING -DRLOG_COMPONENT=dionysus)
    set                     (libraries                  ${libraries} ${rlog_LIBRARY})
endif                       (logging)

# Counters
if                          (counters)
    add_definitions         (-DCOUNTERS)
endif                       (counters)

# Set includes
include_directories         (${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}

# Doxygen (FIXME)
if                          (DOXYGEN_FOUND)
#   add_custom_target       (docs ALL 
#                           ${DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE} Doxyfile
#                           DEPENDS Doxyfile)
endif                       (DOXYGEN_FOUND)

# Process subdirectories
add_subdirectory            (examples)
add_subdirectory            (tests)
add_subdirectory            (tools)