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Rips pairwise cohomology produces output necessary for 1-cocycle parametrization

Welcome to Dionysus' documentation!

Dionysus is a C++ library for computing persistent homology. It provides
implementations of the following algorithms:

* Persistent homology computation [ELZ02]_ [ZC05]_
* Vineyards [CEM06]_    |cpp-only|
* Persistent cohomology computation (described in [dSVJ09]_)    |cpp-only|
* Zigzag persistent homology [CdSM09]_
* :ref:`examples` provide useful functionality in and of themselves:
  * :ref:`Alpha shape construction <alpha-shape-example>` in 2D and 3D
  * :ref:`Rips complex construction <rips-example>`
  * Cech complex construction       |cpp-only|

.. todo:: 
   Document more examples.

The C++ API is currently very poorly documented. One's best source for its
documentation is its usage in various :ref:`examples` (located in

The :ref:`Python bindings <python-bindings>` provide both a simple interface to
the low-level C++ functionality as well as high-level auxilliary routines. Their
"thinness" is meant to provide the efficiency benefits of C++ together with the
simplicity, elegance, and interactivity of Python. Since they mimick the C++
functionality, their documentation may be a helpful resource for the latter.


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