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Added combustion-vineyard, Grid2DVineyard records diagram after adding a grid

// sys.h
// This header file is included at the top of every source file,
// before any other header file.
// It is intended to add defines that are needed globally and
// to work around Operating System dependend incompatibilities.

// EXAMPLE: If you use autoconf you can add the following here.
// #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
// #include "config.h"
// #endif

// EXAMPLE: You could add stuff like this here too
// (Otherwise add -DCWDEBUG to your CFLAGS).
// #define CWDEBUG
// #endif

// The following is the libcwd related mandatory part.
// It must be included before any system header file is included!
#ifdef CWDEBUG
#ifndef _GNU_SOURCE
#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <libcwd/sys.h>