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Sun, 01 Jul 2007 00:00:00 -0400
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Initial geometry commit

#ifndef __EVENTQUEUE_H__
#define __EVENTQUEUE_H__

#include <list>
#include <functional>
#include <boost/utility.hpp>

#include <iostream>
#include <cassert>					// TODO: switch to internal debugging system
#include <string>

// TODO: change inefficient list-based implementation to something heap-based
// Need a queue that supports deleting arbitrary items (given by iterator), 
// and maintaining correctness of iterators when different operations (notably 
// remove and update are performed)

template<class Event_, class EventComparison_>
class EventQueue

		typedef					Event_											Event;
		typedef					EventComparison_								EventComparison;

		typedef					std::list<Event>								QueueRepresentation;
		typedef					typename QueueRepresentation::iterator			iterator;
		typedef					typename QueueRepresentation::const_iterator	const_iterator;
		EventQueue()			{}
		const_iterator 			top() const					{ assert(!empty()); return queue_.begin(); }
		iterator 				top()						{ assert(!empty()); return queue_.begin(); }
		iterator 				push(Event e)				{ queue_.push_front(e); iterator i = top(); update(i); return i; }
		void 					pop()						{ assert(!empty()); queue_.erase(queue_.begin()); }
		void					remove(iterator i)			{ queue_.erase(i); }
		void					update(iterator i);

		iterator 				end()						{ return queue_.end(); }
		const_iterator 			end() const					{ return queue_.end(); }
		bool					empty() const				{ return queue_.empty(); }
		size_t					size() const				{ return queue_.size(); }

		std::ostream&			print(std::ostream& out, const std::string& prefix) const;

		QueueRepresentation		queue_;

template<class Event_, class EventComparison_>
EventQueue<Event_, EventComparison_>::
update(iterator i)
	QueueRepresentation tmp;
	tmp.splice(tmp.end(), queue_, i);
	iterator pos = std::find_if(queue_.begin(), queue_.end(), std::not1(std::bind2nd(EventComparison(), *i)));
	queue_.splice(pos, tmp);

template<class Event_, class EventComparison_>
EventQueue<Event_, EventComparison_>::
print(std::ostream& out, const std::string& prefix) const
	for (typename QueueRepresentation::const_iterator cur = queue_.begin(); cur != queue_.end(); ++cur)
		(*cur)->print(out << prefix) << std::endl;
	return out;

#endif // __EVENTQUEUE_H__