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Sat, 28 Nov 2009 16:45:42 -0800
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Instrumented code for counting: * added counters to addition in cohomology and ChainWrapper * rips-pairwise-cohomology counts the maximum elements stored in the cycles * added alphashapes3d-cohomology * moved progress_display from DynamicPersistence to StaticPersistence

set                             (libraries                      ${libraries} 

# Build compare-diagrams
add_executable                  (compare-diagrams               compare-diagrams.cpp)
target_link_libraries           (compare-diagrams               ${libraries})

# Add targets that depend on CGAL
if                              (CGAL_FOUND)
    set                         (targets                        alphashapes3d
    add_definitions             (${CGAL_CXX_FLAGS_INIT})
    include_directories         (${CGAL_INCLUDE_DIRS})

    foreach                     (t ${targets})
        add_executable          (${t} ${t}.cpp)
        target_link_libraries   (${t} ${libraries} ${CGAL_LIBRARY})
    endforeach                  (t ${targets})
else                            (CGAL_FOUND)
    message(STATUS "CGAL not found, therefore alphashapes will not be built.")
endif                           (CGAL_FOUND)