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Mon, 12 Jan 2009 15:33:04 -0800
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Debugged ZigzagPersistence (having added heavier consistency checking) * Added DEBUG_CONTAINERS option (uses std::__debug::* containers for chains and in ZigzagPersistence) * Added SizeStorage specialization for std::deque<T> * ZigzagPersistence got a lot more consistency checking (in debug mode only, which now crawls); as a result it's been debugged (running on non-trivial examples) * examples/rips/rips-zigzag takes command-line options * added ChainWrapper::clear() * added Simplex::VertexDimensionComparison * added PairwiseDistances class (for computing distances between points in a container according to a distance functor)

set                         (targets                        
foreach                     (t ${targets})
    add_executable          (${t} ${t}.cpp)
    target_link_libraries   (${t} ${libraries} ${Boost_PROGRAM_OPTIONS_LIBRARY})
endforeach                  (t ${targets})