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Debugged ZigzagPersistence (having added heavier consistency checking) * Added DEBUG_CONTAINERS option (uses std::__debug::* containers for chains and in ZigzagPersistence) * Added SizeStorage specialization for std::deque<T> * ZigzagPersistence got a lot more consistency checking (in debug mode only, which now crawls); as a result it's been debugged (running on non-trivial examples) * examples/rips/rips-zigzag takes command-line options * added ChainWrapper::clear() * added Simplex::VertexDimensionComparison * added PairwiseDistances class (for computing distances between points in a container according to a distance functor)

#include <topology/rips.h>

// Trivial example of size() points on a line with integer coordinates
struct Distances
    typedef         int             IndexType;
    typedef         double          DistanceType;

    DistanceType    operator()(IndexType a, IndexType b) const      { return std::abs(a - b); }

    size_t          size() const                                    { return 2000; }
    IndexType       begin() const                                   { return 0; }
    IndexType       end() const                                     { return size(); }

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
#ifdef LOGGING
	rlog::RLogInit(argc, argv);

	stdoutLog.subscribeTo( RLOG_CHANNEL("error") );
	stdoutLog.subscribeTo( RLOG_CHANNEL("rips/info") );

    Distances distances;
#if 0
    // Storing ExplicitDistances speeds up the computation (at the price of memory)
    typedef         RipsGenerator<ExplicitDistances<Distances> >    RipsGenerator;
    ExplicitDistances<Distances> explicit_distances(distances);
    RipsGenerator rips(explicit_distances);
    //typedef         RipsGeneratorMemory<Distances>                        RipsGenerator;
    typedef         RipsGenerator<Distances>                        RipsGenerator;
    RipsGenerator   rips(distances);

    RipsGenerator::SimplexVector complex;
    //rips.generate(complex, 3, distances.size());
    rips.generate(complex, 3, 50);
    std::cout << "Size: " << complex.size() << std::endl;
//    for (RipsGenerator::SimplexVector::const_iterator cur = complex.begin(); cur != complex.end(); ++cur)
//        std::cout << *cur << std::endl;