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Added examples/alphashapes

  CGAL-3.2 -    for alpha-shapes and kinetic data structures
  DSR-PDB -     for reading in PDB files
  scons -       for controlling the build process
  boost -       great set of C++ libraries
  Doxygen -     for building documentation

  Local configuration is read from config/ 
  The path to and architecture of CGAL are important variables (cgal_path and
  cgal_architecture respectively).

  To build examples run "scons" at the top level, or "scons -u" in the specific
  examples/ subdirectory.
  "scons debug=1" turns on debugging. "scons counters=1" turns on counters. 
  "scons optimize=3" turns on -O3 optimizations.

  Dmitriy Morozov <>